Social Networking Conference (Beverly Hills) brings you highly qualified experts in the strategic communications industry and new media to present about social media, strategy, social networking, mobile social networking, mobile, marketing and strategic communication for strategic communications executives, intelligence divisions, Global 1000 companies, Fortune 1000 business, government and military. Presentations are focused on topics concerning maintaining a strategy, administering a policy for enterprise social networking, improving profitability, improve social networking management, Array new business models, strategic communications and new media and employ effective social media. Each presenter will be both neutral + objective.

We are currently seeking lecturers for the 2011 Beverly Hills event. Those that wish to submit a topic should click here. Only the following will be considered: intelligence agencies, global 1000 companies, military, strategic communications consultants, government, experts in enterprise social networking, venture capitalists, large institutions, new media experts and Fortune 1000 companies

Interested in speaking at this event?

NBC Universal Joe Paulding
Director, Traffic Strategy
Enterprise Social Media Best Practices: Structuring Teams, Building Massive Fan-bases & Incorporating Feedback
Siemens Stefan Heeke
Director Online Communications
How Social Media Changes Corporate Communications
Booz and Company Matt Anderson
Vice President
Social Media as a Commerce Channel
USC University of Southern California Philip Seib
Director, Center on Public Diplomacy / Professor of International Relations, Journalism and Public Diplomacy
Special Session on Social Networking and the Middle-East: How Social Networking now Affects Policy
Blumberg Capital David Blumberg
Founder & Managing Partner
Venture Funding in New Media (From Social Networking to Mobile Social Networking)
Sanitas International Christopher Harvin
Social Media & Strategic Communications: The Changing Role in Branding Developing Countries
United States Department of State Lovisa Williams
Deputy Director for the Office of Innovative Engagement
Special Session on Strategic Communications & Social Networking in the Middle-East: How Social Media now Affects Policy
IBM Ranjun Chauhan
Corporate Social Intelligence Strategy and Development
Social Intelligence Strategy Development for IBM Corporate Communications
Peter McGreevy
Attorney At Law
Social Networking Warfare: How The Group "Anonymous" Ran the First Ever Social Media War
Open First Ted Shelton
The Mobile Social Data Revolution
Lisa Daftari Lisa Daftari
Middle East Expert Specializing in Counterterrorism / Iran Affairs
Special Session on Social Networking and the Middle-East: How Social Networking now Affects Policy
Canadian Embassy Doug Martin
Lieutenant Colonel
There Was No Twitter on 9/11 - An Insider's View from NORAD - Then & Now
Burrells Luce Johna Burke
Senior Vice President
Increasing Engagement via Metrics
Consulate General of Israel for Los Angeles Dillon Hosier
Political Officer and the Director of Digital Diplomacy
Special Session on Social Networking and the Middle-East: How Social Networking now Affects Policy
Sanitas International Bruce Fryer
Sanitas International & Barbaricum
Special Panel on Mobile Social Media and Strategic Communications
CSRA Christopher S. Rollyson
Managing Director
‡ Leveraging Social Networks in the Enterprise (Part I)